Global Point of Care

Point-of-Care Learnings from US Emergency Departments



Hear from leading ED Physicians their experiences with Point-of-Care Testing and optimizing patient outcomes and workflow in Emergency Departments in this educational webinar.

Key Topics

The topics covered by the expert speakers include:

  • U.S. Emergency Care and Point-of-Care Testing by Dr. Jesse Pines, MD, MBA, MSCE
  • Evidence for POCT in Acute Conditions by Dr. Adam Singer, MD
  • The Value of Point-of-Care Testing in the Emergency Department by Dr. Chris Davlantes, MD, FACEP

Learning Objectives

Learnings from the U.S. Emergency Care and Point-of-Care Testing
  • How is ED Quality measured?
  • What are the trends in ED visits?
  • What has happened since Covid?
  • Why are ED waiting times long?
  • What are the use cases for ED Point of Care testing?
Learnings from the evidence for POCT in Acute Conditions
  • Emergency Department (ED) Challenges and the impact of POCT in ED triage
  • Acute Coronary Syndrom (ACS), Toponin testing and Chest Pain algorithm
  • Suspected Sepsis algorithm and Lactate testing
  • Stroke, embolism and serious infections
  • Clinical data on door to therapy decision time, and length of stay (LOS) reduction
Learnings from the Value of Point-of-Care Testing in the Emergency Department
  • Discuss overcrowding/boarding patients in the Emergency Department (ED)
  • Demonstrate the benefits of Point-of-Care (POC) testing in the ED to improve throughput
  • Describe ED patient scenarios where POC testing may improve ED efficiency


Dr. Jesse Pines
National Director of Clinical Innovation, USACS Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Drexel University

Dr. Adam Singer
Professor and Vice Chair for Research Department of Emergency Medicine, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Dr. Chris Davlantes
Senior Director of Global Medical Affairs, Abbott Point of Care

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