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The lab in the future: how COVID-19 taught us the value of a transcendent laboratory service

The Lab of the Future


The lab of the future is evolving. With healthcare systems changing, the demands to the lab are more complex, and innovative tools and solutions are available to meet new demands and excel in delivering lab services. Faster and more effective technology advances diagnostic testing within the walls of the central lab and in decentralized, near-patient settings. Explore the future of the lab and gain experts’ insights on the broadened scope of the lab with test methods that provide quality information supporting clinical needs and decision making.


Dr. Jean-Claude Nguyen — France
Topic: COVID-19 rapid molecular point-of-care test in different hospital settings: impact on the organizational and clinical outcomes in Emergency Department and Maternity

Dr. Martin Obermeier — Germany
Topic: Clinical evaluation of commercial RT-PCR assays for SARS-CoV-2 detection.

Dr. Rogier Hopstaken— Netherlands
Topic: Shaping the future of AMR by driving antibiotics prescription decision making with POCT.


Erika Wells, PhD 
Scientific Affairs Manager, Infectious Diseases - Abbott

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