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NAVICA™ app and COVID-19 testing – Information for Individuals

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Social distancing, hand washing, vaccines, and mask wearing are best practices for minimizing the spread of COVID-19. Testing is another powerful tool to help you feel more confident about visiting your favorite places again.

The NAVICA App allows you to obtain a digitally encrypted NAVICA™ Pass if your COVID-19 test results are negative. The NAVICA Pass can be shown at facilities or events requiring a test result for entry. 

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NAVICA mobile app: how it works

Navica Pass
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Download the NAVICA app, then take an Abbott rapid COVID-19 test at a NAVICA-enabled testing site or at home. The tests use a simple nasal swab and provide results in 15 minutes.


Receive a notification when test results are available to view in the NAVICA app. A negative test result automatically generates an encrypted NAVICA Pass. If the test is positive, the participant is advised to contact their healthcare provider, quarantine and follow CDC guidelines.


Display a NAVICA Pass, similar to an airline boarding pass, at NAVICA-enabled environments such as office buildings and schools to verify a recent negative test for COVID-19.