Global Point of Care

Strengthen your POCT program with connectivity

Across the hospital, from campus to campus or from one state/province to another, a web-based connectivity data management platform unlocks efficiency in point-of-care testing program management.

The Power of Point-of-Care Connectivity

Benefits of POCT Connectivity

The ability to connect remote point-of-care devices to a data management platform is an essential part of any POC deployment.

Improve flow
and management of
  • Bilateral or unidirectional
    communication with POC devices
  • Eliminates device-specific
    software on most
    POCT devices
Reduce cost
  • Features like operator lockout,
    quality control lockout, and
    labor cost have resulted in a
    total annual cost savings.1
Improve quality
  • Reduces manual entry and
    transcription of results
  • Standard and customized
transparency and
  • Results accessible to all
    members of healthcare team
  • Quickly respond to problems
  • Timely care decisions
Improve audit
  • Results sent to assist
    with automated billing
  • Audit logging and reports
Save time
  • User friendly
  • Operator training and
    certification tracked
Rapid results
  • Faster capture and recording
    of results can lead to faster

When It Comes to Connectivity, We’re Number One for a Reason

Abbott POC Data Management program
gives you:


Over 50% of U.S. hospitals use an Abbott POC Data Management System.

POC device

Every day, more than 80,000 meters and devices run a patient test at the bedside and send test result data to an Abbott data management system.

test results

Annually, 225 million test results are captured by an Abbott system before being sent to a patient record.

Connectivity without limits.™

Our innovative web-based platform comes together to
give you better connectivity and diagnostics, anywhere.

  1. Salka, L. and Kiechle F.L., Connectivity for Point-of-Care Glucose Testing Reduces Error and Increases Compliance. Point of Care. Vol. 2, No. 2, 114–118