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Rapid COVID-19 antigen testing provides the answers needed to open with confidence

Panbio™ Rapid COVID-19 antigen testing helps bring people together again. Whether you are in the process of developing  your COVID-19 testing strategy or have a plan that needs to be executed, we can help.

Partner with Abbott to Move Forward with Confidence

People are ready for a new normal – one that allows them to move through daily life with confidence and peace of mind. This requires knowing, and when it comes to COVID-19, knowing is powered by testing.

Even as more people get vaccinated, millions of adults and children are still carrying the virus and new COVID-19 variants threaten our return to normal as surges continue around the world. 

Regular testing for COVID-19 provides the knowledge we need to open businesses, get employees to work, send students to school and allow people to be together again, while preventing transmission of the virus. And effective testing programs use rapid antigen tests because they have the ability to detect the most infectious people in minutes.

Our Panbio™ COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test Device makes frequent, mass testing easier than ever before because it delivers:

  • Speed: Results in just 15 minutes
  • Reliability: The test performed by healthcare professionals, with nasal sample collection, has shown in clinical evaluations to correctly identify 98.1% of positive specimens and 99.8% of negative specimens, when compared to Nasal PCR
  • Ease of Use: No special instrumentation is required; the test uses a comfortable nasal swab (only 2 cm insertion depth) that can be completed by the individual (self-swab) under the supervision of a healthcare professional
  • Scalability: Can be used in a wide variety of non-laboratory settings and run in parallel for high throughput
  • Recognition: CE Mark; currently the only antigen test for nasal sample collection that has been granted WHO EUL