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Discover ID NOW™ rapid molecular testing

Molecular results, in minutes

Benefits of Molecular testing with ID NOW 

ID NOW™ is significantly faster than other molecular methods and more accurate than conventional rapid tests. Our unique isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology provides molecular results in just minutes, allowing your clinician to make effective clinical decisions sooner, including how to treat your symptoms so you can get well faster.1-4


Accurate Results in minutes

  • ID NOW provides fast and accurate testing.
  • Only trained staff at clinics with CLIA-waivers may use ID NOW. This waiver helps ensure your clinic is following appropriate procedures and quality controls to conduct a lab test on site.

Onsite testing

  • ID NOW is located in the clinic or doctor’s office, removing the need to transport your sample to a lab.
  • The rapid molecular test is easy to use, helping to ensure your test is conducted appropriately. 

Get treatment sooner

ID NOW gives your clinician confidence to make treatment decisions sooner, so you can get well faster.

  • If you test positive for the Flu or COVID-19, your clinician may prescribe targeted antiviral therapy.
  • If you test negative for Strep throat or RSV, you can be confident that you do NOT need antibiotics, ensuring you are only using this vital treatment when you truly need it, and avoid building up resistance. 

Experiencing symptoms?

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