Determine™ HBsAg 2

The world's most sensitive rapid diagnostic test for detection of hepatitis B surface antigen for use with serum, plasma or whole blood.1,2,3

WHO performance evaluations show that the analytical sensitivity of most rapid tests ranges from 2-10 IU/mLNo rapid test for use with plasma, serum and whole blood has been reported to meet the minimum EU and WHO requirements of analytical sensitivity of 0.13 IU/mL,3 until now.

Determine™ HBsAg 2, with an analytical sensitivity of just 0.1 IU/mL, is a highly sensitive, easy to use rapid lateral flow test that enables quick, accurate identification of HBsAg positive patients, increasing HBV case finding and facilitating fast and appropriate linkage to care in a wide variety of healthcare settings.

Product not available in all countries. Not approved for sale in the USA.

Determine™ HBsAg 2 Determine™ HBsAg 2 Determine™ HBsAg 2