electronic value assignment sheets (eVAS)

Streamline and simplify the liquid quality control process by using the electronic Value Assignment Sheet (eVAS) for the i-STAT System. By downloading the eVAS file, your device can be automatically updated with the latest Value Assignment Sheet data. With this one download, you will have the most current information available for all of your test cartridges and handhelds.

Download Instructions for (eVAS)

Use of eVAS requires a customized instrument. Customization is performed by using AlinIQ CWi to create a profile with eVAS selected and enabled for use, and loading the profile onto the instrument. See the Manage and Assemble Profiles section 3.4 of the System Operations Manual for further instructions.

To download eVAS package file:

  • Delete all pre-existing eVAS package files from the Downloads directory of a computer.
  • Check instrument CLEW. Power up the instrument, then touch More Options -> Instrument Status. Observe CLEW indicated on the screen.
  • Below, find the eVAS package file that corresponds to the CLEW indicated on the Instrument Status screen.
  • Download the eVAS package file to a computer by clicking on the eVAS Package File link corresponding to the instrument CLEW from the table above. Do not rename the file.
  • Copy the eVAS package file to a USB memory stick.
    • USB memory stick must be formatted as FAT32 via Windows OS prior to use.

To install eVAS package file on i-STAT Alinity:

Before installing eVAS, make sure the instrument is customized with a profile that has eVAS selected and enabled for use.

  • Power up the instrument. From the Home screen, touch More Options -> Quality Options -> Update eVAS -> Install from USB. Follow the prompts on the screens.
screen-instrument-status.jpg screen-instrument-status.jpg screen-instrument-status.jpg


evas file for download

evas file for download