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ACT Testing: When There's No Room for Doubt

ACT Testing


ACT tests with some traditional analyzers can lead to highly variable results, raising doubt about the accuracy of critical results1.  Additionally, some second-generation systems have diverged from using the traditional standard Celite and Kaolin activator biochemistry.

In this educational webinar, Dr. Falter will introduce different ACT technologies and discuss best use of modern ACT testing technology. He will also discuss the clinical impact that different ACT analysis methods can have, along with key laboratory aspects of coagulation testing during cardiac surgery.

  1. Examine laboratory requirements of test accuracy and reliability
  2. Differentiate between laboratory and point-of-care approach to intra-operative coagulation testing during cardiac surgery
  3. Identify the various methods of assessing heparin activity
  4. Assess the technological differences between different methods of measuring the Activated Clotting Time (ACT)
  5. Evaluate the clinical impact of the different ACT technologies

This event is produced by Whitehat Communications and sponsored by Abbott Point of Care.

  • One P.A.C.E.® contact hour will be provided for this basic level session until December 4, 2018. Whitehat Communications is approved as a provider of continuing education programs in the clinical laboratory sciences by the ASCLS P.A.C.E.® Program.
  • This session is approved for one Florida CE credit. Florida Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel approved number: 50-12563 

This event is produced by Whitehat Communications and sponsored by Abbott Point of Care.

  1. Ojito JW et al. J Extra Corpor Technol 2012;44:15-20

About Presenter

Dr. Florian Falter completed the majority of his training in Germany at the University of Aachen, from where he also gained his PhD. After having worked in a number of different countries, he finally settled in Cambridge in the UK. In 2001, he was appointed as a consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at Papworth Hospital, one of the biggest cardiac units in Europe. He led the Anaesthetics and Theatre unit until 2016.

His specialization in cardiac peri-operative medicine has led to numerous interests in this field of anesthesia. He has a strong portfolio in echocardiography, ECMO for respiratory or cardiac failure, and cardiopulmonary bypass.

Dr. Falter’s present academic activities center on bypass and extra-corporeal circulation. He has served the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) in various positions for over ten years and has been appointed as Visiting Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at Columbia University in New York in recognition. He has been Chair of the Networking World Anesthesia Convention (NWAC) since 2012. He is also a lecturer at the University of Bristol. His interest in management, efficiency and safety has led to a position as professor and workplace tutor for MBA courses at a London business school. Dr. Falter has authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications and three textbooks.

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