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Detecting Omicron: Evidence-Based Clinical Assessment of Rapid Antigen Testing

Detecting Covid


Omicron became the predominant global SARS-CoV-2 variant after being identified in South Africa in late 2021. Some in vitro diagnostic studies have suggested this variant may show a different replication pattern that could affect detection, specifically by rapid antigen tests. Additional reports in social medica have promulgated oral swabs as a superior sample for detecting Omicron in the early stage of infection compared to that of nasal swabs.

Learning Objectives

Join this webinar to hear supporting evidence from recent clinical studies and clinical information that correlates to show that there are high detection rates of all variants including Omicron as well as clinical utility with rapid antigen testing.

Nasal swabbing is also seen as the best use of performance for these rapid antigen tests.

This medical education webinar features experts from around the world in their respective fields addressing these concerns with scientific data.


Paul Drain, MD, PhD (USA) – Infectious Disease Specialist & Epidemiology

Currently holds position as attending physician at the University of Washington. Holds ongoing positions as Associate Medical Staff at the Seattle Cancer Alliance and as an Associate Professor at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine. Completed his postgraduate training at Stanford University and Harvard Medical School. Has received numerous honors and awards within his field of medicine. Has had multiple recent publications on COVID-19. 

Pablo Ryan, MD, PhD (SPAIN) – Infectious Disease Specialist

Currently holds a position at Hospital Universitario Intanta Leonor since 2007. Conjunctly he also holds a current position at Complutense University of Madrid as the Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine. Currently the Principal Investigator in multiple clinical trials (Phase II/III) in HBV, HIV, and Covid-19. 

Amilcar Tanuri, MD, PhD (Brazil) - Virologist

Currently holds the position as the Head of Molecular Virology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Holds an ongoing role as a Consultant of the Brazilian Ministry of Health. Previous Associate Research Scientist at the Mailman Scholl of Public Health, Columbia University, NY. Previous Senior Service Fellow at GAP-NCHSTP, CDC, Atlanta, GA working with African Countries. Dr. Tanuri has had multiple publications on COVID-19.

Luis Gonzalez, MD, PhD – Moderator

Abbott Director Global Medical and Scientific Affairs (IDEM - Infectious Disease Emerging Markets)  

John R. Hackett Jr., PhD – Q & A Facilitator

Abbott Divisional VP, Applied Research and Technology 

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