Global Point of Care

In many healthcare settings around the world, people needing care often experience extended delays for accurate diagnostic results.

Hours to days can pass while questions persist, leaving caregivers without answers, and patients without treatment. When every minute lost can greatly impact the delivery of care, answers can't wait.

Real-World Impact

When Answers Can't Wait Real-Life Stories Of How POC Testing Impacts Lives

When Every Minute Matters

Tanya Joyner, a nurse administrator, thought she was fighting the flu when she began to feel unwell. After two weeks of antibiotic treatments and worsening symptoms, her husband Chris took her to the hospital where they both worked. Her doctor measured her lactate using the i-STAT blood analyzer, at the point-of-care in the emergency room. With a result of 6.3, the Joyner’s realized how serious her condition really was.

Creating Better Patient Experiences

Connie Foreman is a cancer patient. In the past, she had to wait days before receiving blood test results, prior to treatment leaving her anxious. Now, with point-of-care testing, Connie’s patient experience is more efficient and personalized–she gets her test results, and revised treatment plans all in one visit.


An Unacceptable Loss

After experiencing one of the worst days in his career, anesthesiologist Dr. Florian Falter became determined to find a safer way to manage bypass through ACT testing. After extensive research and analysis, he determined that precision and reliability were key, and i-STAT ACT carried these advantages.

Peace Of Mind When You Need It Most

When Michelle passed out and hit her head after experiencing excruciating chest pain, she was rushed to the hospital. Fearing it could be a heart attack, the clinician ran an i-STAT in the ED to identify potential cardiac-related issues. Being a point-of-care supervisor at this very facility, Michelle understands how important answers can be for the clinician and the patient.


Whether diagnosing a heart attack in a busy emergency department, monitoring a patient in the intensive care unit, or tending to marathon runners in distress, healthcare providers need access to fast, accurate diagnostic information. The i-STAT System is a portable blood analyzer that delivers lab-accurate results in minutes—providing comprehensive, cost-effective solutions when they’re needed most.

By informing and allowing for accelerated clinical decisions at the point of care, with-patient testing empowers real-time collaboration across the care team—optimizing workflow and resource utilization, driving consistent, high-quality care, and enriching the patient experience. With point-of-care testing, clinicians can focus their time and energy on what matters most: helping patients get back to their lives.

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