Global Point of Care

Improving Cancer Care with on-site Point-of-care Testing

The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care in partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering offers preventive, diagnosis, and treatment services for underserved populations. They treat most cancer types with a special focus on breast health services, lung cancer screenings and preventative care.

Patients diagnosed with cancer go through treatment programs requiring close monitoring of certain chemistry levels such as electrolytes, creatinine, uric acid and magnesium. Each day, between 10 and 15 patients receive chemotherapy treatment at the Ralph Lauren Center.

The lack of timely data posed Critical Problems

The center needed to send patients to a commercial lab to obtain key results before delivering care, which resulted in the following challenges:

  • Turnaround time of 24 hours
  • Inconvenient for patients
  • Uncertain when they'll return for care

Piccolo Xpress® Redefined efficiency and clinical outcomes with Testing and Treatment in One visit

  • Perform real-time chemistry testing at the point of the care
  • Retrieve results in 12 minutes
  • Eliminate unnecessary repeat patient visits
  • Determine the course of care immediately 

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