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NAVICA™ digital platform for supporting COVID‑19 testing

Our rapid COVID-19 tests and NAVICA system work together as a comprehensive solution to easily view, share, confirm and manage COVID-19 test results. 

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NAVICA™ Digital Platform for supporting COVID‑19 testing

Designed to restore confidence in daily life

To minimize the spread of COVID-19, we have completely rethought our daily routines. We work from home. We learn remotely. We socialize outdoors. We second guess many of the places we go.

Abbott has designed and optimized our rapid COVID-19 tests for use in a variety of settings, including urgent care clinics, physician offices, schools, workplaces, and in the comfort of home. Testing, when used in combination with protective measures including COVID-19 vaccines, mask wearing, hand washing, and social distancing, is key to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

NAVICA is a first-of-its-kind app to help address a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic

The NAVICA™ System provides a comprehensive digital platform for supporting COVID-19 testing. It includes a suite of mobile applications and an easy-to-use online portal that work with Abbott rapid COVID-19 tests to help individuals and organizations make informed decisions with greater confidence. 

NAVICA mobile app: how it works

Navica Pass
Get Started

Download the NAVICA app, then take an Abbott rapid COVID-19 test at a NAVICA-enabled testing site or at home. The tests use a nasal swab and provide results in 15 minutes.


Receive a notification when test results are available to view in the NAVICA app. A negative test result automatically generates an encrypted NAVICA Pass. If the test is positive, the participant is advised to contact their healthcare provider, quarantine and follow CDC guidelines.


Display a NAVICA Pass, similar to an airline boarding pass, at NAVICA-enabled environments such as office buildings and schools to verify a recent negative test for COVID-19.


Organizations such as employers or schools can use NAVICA to support their COVID-19 testing programs.