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HIV Diagnostic Care

Our HIV diagnostic solutions enable lifesaving decisions to be made that have a powerful impact on people, governments, and society. By bringing care where it’s needed most, vulnerable communities have unprecedented access to treatment – and healthcare professionals have what they need to diagnose, treat, and stop HIV transmission.

Point-of-care testing opens the door to effective care for millions of patients worldwide.

UNAIDS calls for nothing less than the end of the AIDS epidemic by 2030.1 These ambitious goals call for rapidly scaling up diagnosis, treatment, and viral suppression, especially in vulnerable populations. With industry-leading products along the cascade of care, Abbott is uniquely able to partner with you to make sure every goal is achieved.

The results speak for themselves. Since 2010, improved access to testing and treatment has resulted in a 26% decline in AIDS-related deaths globally.2

Abbott is the only company with point-of-care diagnostic solutions along the entire HIV cascade of care.

Abbott is #1 globally among manufacturers of HIV rapid tests.3

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Get the leading edge in HIV prevention and diagnosis with these Abbott products.

We’re the global leader in rapid point of care testing for HIV.3 Right now, in more than 120 countries, healthcare professionals are using Abbott HIV tests to identify infections earlier, prevent onward transmissions, and change the trajectory of the AIDS epidemic for the better.

HIV Screening

On the fast track to ending the HIV epidemic: Active Case Finding.

A crucial step to reaching the UNAIDS goals is to make sure people with HIV can be accurately identified now. Identifying HIV-positive patients now not only facilitates fast and appropriate linkage to care – it helps to prevent further transmission of the disease. Our accessible, scalable POC tests for active case finding are designed to go wherever they’re needed – including remote decentralized settings.

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