i-STAT CHEM8+ Cartridge

Providing lab-quality results fast when every minute counts.

With i-STAT CHEM8+, healthcare professionals can obtain chemistries, electrolytes, hematocrit and hemoglobin levels in approximately two minutes without leaving the patient's side. Incorporating i-STAT CHEM8+ early in the patient experience may help transform the delivery of care by empowering you to accelerate clinical decision-making and increase operational efficiency and reduce the total cost of care. The i-STAT CHEM8+ cartridge can be used to rapidly assess the metabolic status of patients in a variety of clinical settings including critical care, surgery, radiology, acute and emergency care, and community-based settings.

In a hospital that integrated i-STAT CHEM8+ within an Ambulatory care pathway, i-STAT significantly improved key operational metrics such as average length of stay and reduction in overnight admission rates.


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