i‑STAT & piccolo xpress training is available online

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Interactive Remote Training (IRT) classes are live, real-time classes that can be viewed online. Users access each training session via a web link, then dial in via phone for audio. Trainees can see and hear the Abbott trainer host a PowerPoint presentation.

As part of the IRT session, the viewer will have the opportunity to see the Abbott trainer and live or recorded demonstrations of i-STAT products in use so the trainee will have visibility to the testing products as they are filled and inserted into the instruments. This allows the trainee to observe and interact with the Abbott trainer in a live setting. At the conclusion of each class, the trainer will review FAQs and, as time permits, allow live questions.

how to access irt classes

There is no need to “sign up” or “pre-register” for a class. At the time of the class, simply choose the class you would like to attend, click on the link and join.

  • View the spreadsheet with the IRT schedule
  • Select the day and time of the class you would like to join
  • Sometime prior to the start of the training session, select the worksheet tab labeled "Adobe Connect Instructions" to ensure you are able to access the training site

Each class holds a maximum of 100 attendees, so if you join after 100 attendees have already logged in, you will have to attend a class held at a different time. You may attend as many classes as you wish; there are no limitations.

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Interactive Remote Training Interactive Remote Training Interactive Remote Training


The current standard IRT sessions focus mainly on the chemistries and blood gas cartridges.

During each training session, information will be provided concerning proper storing, filling and inserting of the cartridge into the i-STAT 1 analyzer.

The Abbott trainer will review which sample types, tubes and syringes are acceptable, best practices for obtaining a proper sample, demonstrate filling and inserting the cartridge into the analyzer and will review basic information concerning the analyzer. At the conclusion of the IRT class, the trainee can feel confident in performing testing with the instrument on which they were trained.

software update course overview

Software update training sessions focus on how to update the system software for i-STAT 1 analyzers.

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