CheckNOW™ HIV Self Test

Know your HIV status NOW

The CheckNOW™ HIV SELF TEST lets you know your HIV status in just 15 minutes. Test in the privacy and comfort of home using a simple fingerstick. Our 3rd generation HIV testing technology detects HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies in a fingerstick blood sample. Ideal for use in large HIV testing programs, the CheckNOW™ HIV SELF TEST makes testing more accessible to people who need to know their HIV status.

Product not available in all countries. Available to consumers in select markets. Not approved for sale in the USA.


  • Fast 15 minute test time
  • Accurate results: 100% Sensitivity, 99.9% Specificity
  • Makes HIV testing easily accessible
  • 3rd generation blood-based HIV testing technology
  • Simple fingerstick test procedure
  • Can be done in the privacy of home
  • Scalable solution for large testing programs
  • Enables underserved populations to know their HIV status


  • Contents:
    - 1 Test device
    - 1 Bu­ffer
    - 1 Specimen dropper
    - 1 Safety Lancet
    - 2 Alcohol pads
    - 1 Plaster
    - 1 Instructions for use
  • Test time: 15 minutes
  • Sample type: fingerstick whole blood

product code

Product NameCode
CheckNOW™ HIV SELF TEST (CE)290120001
<span class="normal">CheckNOW™</span> HIV Self Test Procedure

CheckNOW™ HIV Self Test Procedure

Learn how to run a test.