electronic value assignment sheets (eVAS)

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Streamline and simplify the liquid quality control process by using the electronic Value Assignment Sheet (eVAS) for the i-STAT System. By downloading the eVAS file, your device can be automatically updated with the latest Value Assignment Sheet data. With this one download, you will have the most current information available for all of your test cartridges and handhelds.


Choose the CLEW from the drop down menu.

Select the file for download.  Save the file and do not rename the file.

Confirm "Save as type" is either:

  • .VAS Document
  • VAS File
  • All Files
For CDS Customers:
  • Confirm the “Save in” destination. If using the same computer where CDS resides, select C:\Istat32\VAS as the file destination; otherwise, save the file to any directory and transfer to the CDS location C:\Istat32\VAS.
  • Click “Save”.
  • When download is complete, close the “Download Complete” window.
For DE Customers:
  • Save the file to any directory accessible to the i-STAT/DE. Click “Save”.
  • When download is complete, close the “Download Complete” window.
  • Access the DE Customization workspace.
  • To upload the eVAS file to i-STAT/DE, at the top of the Customization Workspace, click Update i-STAT/DE and select Upload Update File. When the “Specify file for i-STAT/DE update:” box opens, click Browse...
  • Navigate to the directory location where the eVAS file was saved. Select the eVAS file and click Open.
  • Click Upload. If successful, a confirmation will appear that the file has been uploaded.

Evas File For Download