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Implementation & Training Services

Ensure A Seamless Transition With Our Dedicated, Proven, And Customized Implementation Services

Implementing Point-Of-Care Testing Is Easy

Implementation is a critical factor in the success of any point-of-care (POC) testing program. That is why we will support and guide you throughout the implementation of the i-STAT 1 System at your facility.

Our Experienced Implementation Professionals Will Provide:


Provide guidance & management of the implementation process


Create a training program customized to your staff's needs


Apply an efficient, multi-phase approach to implementation


Be available 24/7 for technical support once your system goes live

Registered and logged-in users can access i-STAT training and support resources.

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A Five-Phase Approach To A Successful Transition

Our implementation process helps ensure a successful transition to point-of-care solutions in hospitals and other care settings. The process can be customized to fit the unique needs of your facility. Depending on size and needs, your team may complete all or just a few phases.

Phase 1
Pre-Implementation Meeting

Build a project plan with timelines, roles and responsibilities. Discuss process changes, such as the way tests are ordered and results are communicated.

Phase 2 & 3
Verification & Interfacing

Develop and execute a protocol to validate the performance of the i-STAT System. Coordinate with key team to develop timelines for installations and integration of the i-STAT System.

Phase 4
End-User & POCC Training

Customize a program to meet your facility’s needs and help ensure long-term sustainability of staff competence

Phase 5
"Go Live" & On-Going Support

Ensure the system launches as planned and is smoothly transitioned to our Technical Support Services.

Guide Your Staff Through Clinical Process Change

We help your staff embrace the change to POC solutions and educate them about the impact it may have on clinical decisions. Interactive Remote Training (IRT) is available on a regular basis to all site visitors, while our i-STAT Learning System (ILS) is a customizable training program available to registered users that guides your staff’s use of the i-STAT 1 System. ILS training is:

  • Designed For Both Initial Training And Annual Competency Compliance
  • Offers A Blended Learning Experience With E-Learning, Classroom Training, And Support Materials

Additional resources are available to registered users from our site's Support section, with new material added periodically.

24/7 support from experienced professionals

Our implementation and technical support teams are staffed by professionals with both clinical and technical expertise.


The i-STAT Conversion Guide will help you transition an existing testing platform to the i-STAT 1 System. Registered website users can access this helpful guide below.