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Chronic cardiometabolic diseases are surging worldwide. For example, there are now over 400 million cases of diabetes — and that number will rise by more than 50% in the next 25 years.1 Although practice guidelines include testing for HbA1c, Lipids and ACR, fewer than 7% of patients are tested at the guideline recommended frequency and only 26.7% of patients are meeting targets for glycemic, blood pressure and cholesterol control.2,3 New, more efficient methods for handling this growing epidemic are needed.

Point-of care tests (POCT), such as rapid diagnostics from Abbott, have been shown to improve patient medical outcomes and practice efficiency.4

Your practice – with more success

Our rapid diagnostics enable you to perform important cardiovascular and metabolic tests at the point of care. Clinicians can obtain results and discuss a care plan with patients in the same visit. This leads to practice efficiency, strengthens the clinician-patient relationship, and motivates patients to better manage their condition.5

In a world with more pay for performance and more cardiometabolic burden, improved patient outcomes and increased practice efficiency can result in important economic benefits for your practice.

Our rapid diagnostics can also help your practice:

  • Send fewer orders to central labs
  • Free staff from chasing lab results
  • Reduce the number of patients lost to follow-up
  • Eliminate unnecessary follow-up appointments
  • Become more adherent to guideline testing frequencies
  • Improve patient satisfaction
Abbott cardiometabolic products help thousands of physician offices, clinics, hospitals, and wellness programs perform testing more efficiently.

We are the world’s #1 provider of point-of-care testing products and can help you and your staff manage diabetes in your patients with better outcomes for everyone.

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